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Employ with skill

Support and advice on recruitment across Finland free of charge.

Help with recruiting skilled workers and with being an employer

Entrepreneur: Would you like to grow your knowledge on being an employer or get confidence for your first recruitments? Is your company facing issues in finding skilled employees?

In the Employ with skill service, we advise your company on recruitment and on being an employer. We map out your individual employer needs, focus together on the most difficult development challenges, and create a personal plan with materials. Our goal is that at the end of the service, your company will have more skilled workers as well as new insights on recruitment and on being an employer.

The service offered by TE Office is free and available to all Finnish micro-enterprises and solo entrepreneurs. Read more about the service below and sign up!

Business counseling contents

The contents of the Employ with skill service are made up of five different subdivisions.

Learn to handle your statutory employer obligations effortlessly.

An appealing culture, a clearly communicating work community, and fair practices support growth.

A professional recruitment process helps you find the right people smoothly.

By renting labour, you can utilise the necessary skills precisely when you need them.

By purchasing work, you can spend your time on your core expertise and on what you enjoy.

The service includes three meetings:


Initial assessment (0.5h+)

We discuss your needs, wishes, and work methods related to the service. We plan individualised advice for your company that responds to your current challenges as an employer.


Counseling (2h+)

Together we create a concrete outlook on being an employer and on recruitments in your company. The plan includes a detailed road map for, among other things, executing recruitment, developing as an employer, and relevant support services for your company’s future. You will receive a written plan as well as access to a comprehensive material bank.


Final sparring (0.5h+)

We review the plan based on your experiences after the consultation. We make adjustments as necessary and offer solutions to any questions that have emerged. We ensure that your company received the help and results it needed from the service. We help identify pathways for your company’s development needs.

Sign up

Apply for the Employ with Skill service on TE Offices’ websites. You can apply for the service if you want to develop your company’s employer expertise and your company employs fewer than 10 people. Remember to choose Y4 Works as the provider.

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Three reasons to join the service

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The free consultation provides solutions for employing sustainably

With the help of a recruitment and employer expert, you will find the best methods for your company to find skilled workers, build confidence to grow through recruitments, and obtain a clear understanding of concrete next steps.

Material bank for planning and executing recruitments

Searching for skilled workers is smooth when recruitment planning, sizing, execution, and familiarisation start with good materials and processes. From the material bank, you will find instructions, checklists, a salary cost tool, and contract templates to support recruitment and work acquisition.

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Discover support, services, and funding to help with being an employer

As an employer, you are not alone! Together, we look for a combination of support, services, and funding that suits your company’s situation and needs. These can be, for example, a combination of recruitment-supporting services and channels, financial support for hiring, or development in being an employer.

“Now we have received about 500 job applications.”

In the Employ with Skill consultation, the hotel received reinforcement and new ideas for its recruitment.

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Jyry Lehtoniemi

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Katariina Kiviluoto

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