Hey entrepreneur, startup, or small business owner! We have a free & tailored service for you:

Grow your company by employing in a way that is most suitable for you with the help of our experts.

We will advise your company with employment and guide you to choose the best ways of employment for your needs. You will get to map out your situation, upgrade your knowledge and get the best tips from five different categories:


The basics of a great workplace.

Learn how to take care of your legal employer obligations effortlessly.

Being an excellent employer.

An attractive work culture, clear internal communications and fair practices help the growth of your company.

Recruit skillfully.

With a professional recruitment process, you will find the best talents with ease.

Renting workforce responsibly.

By renting workforce, you can utilize the right type of know-how when you need it the most.

Buying workforce.

By contracting workforce you can spend your time on your own area of expertise and do what you enjoy the most.


TE-Services pay the service for you. Sign up from the link below or call us. If you have any questions or want help with securing your place, our team is more than happy to help.

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Employ with competence (Työllistä taidolla) is a free-of-charge, expert service for companies provided nationally in Finland by Uusimaa TE-Services and Uusimaa ELY-Centres. The service includes guidance in recruiting, renting workforce, buying workforce and in the policies and legal matters of being an employer. The goal is that the new employment relationships begin as good as possible and support company growth.

The service is provided by contract partners of TE-Services of whom you can choose the one you want. More detailed info on the service and the Sign up form can be found on the website of TE-services. 



We are a team of ambitious entrepreneurs. Y4 Works was founded to create solutions to the most pressing societal issues.

First, we want to transform how people find, learn and do work.

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