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Market research - Simple help for internationalisation

Internationalisation is a big and challenging process. In the beginning, a company must assess, for example, the new market’s potential, profitability, competitors, customers, partners, and the entire business environment.. It is not advisable to venture into international markets without detailed research.

Companies can start risky internationalisation by utilising public funding in the form of various business supports and grants. We provide companies with simple help for internationalisation, using support instruments and services in the best possible way. An effective tool for starting internationalisation is, for instance, market research that can be carried out with Market Explorer funding.

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Benefits of Y4's market research for the company


To create the best possible market understanding, we collect base data from several different sources. We combine the most suitable paid and public databases for the purpose, and we use artificial intelligence to help with prospecting.


Carefully selected and high-quality data sources add value to information analysis, market understanding, and post-research action planning. Based on the analysis, we give management our recommendations for the next steps.


After market research, the company has a basis for high-quality internationalisation, a foundation for shaping the internationalisation strategy, and a clear understanding of, for example, the market, competitors, or customer purchasing behavior.

What is market research?

Y4 Works’ market research creates a comprehensive foundation for optimal and high-quality internationalisation. We have created the most efficient way for SMEs to develop market understanding by combining a set of appropriate paid and public databases. AI-assisted prospecting and the systems we use bring the highest possible added value to your company’s investment.

Our market research helps your company, for example, to assess the costs and benefits of internationalisation in euros, understand competitors and customers, grasp customer purchasing behavior and needs, and plan market entry.

How is market research executed?

We collect base data for market research from several different sources, after which we analyse the data comprehensively, combining different sources. Based on the analysis, we give recommendations to support management decision-making.

Market research is suitable for all stages of the internationalisation process: profitability assessment, target market understanding, and market entry planning. Outsourced market research makes entering a new market simple.

Get subsidised market research

Market research can also be obtained through various support instruments. Public institutions offer support funding for internationalisation and subsidised purchases of expert services.

With Y4 Works, you can get high-quality market research and funding for its implementation effortlessly. Y4 Works’ funding experts offer assistance and advice on applying for funding, and internationalisation-oriented experts prepare comprehensive market research. Suitable support instruments for conducting market research include, for example, ELY’s development grant and Business Finland’s Market Explorer.


Is internationalisation and conducting market research timely for your company? Do you dream of conquering new markets? We are here to help.

Our experts are happy to advise on internationalisation and suitable support instruments. Fill out the form, and we will be in touch!

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