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Entrepreneurial Boost

Strengthen your entrepreneurship skills with entrepreneurship advising in Pirkanmaa

Are you from Pirkanmaa? Strengthen your entrepreneurship skills with counseling for newly started entrepreneurs.

In the Entrepreneurial Boost, you receive individualized advice on the most important aspects of a newly started business with an experienced business advisor.

In individual advising, you receive tips for more detailed planning of your business, sales, and marketing. The advising consists of an initial assessment, counseling, final coaching, a progress plan, and a resource library. The advising can be in Finnish or English, either remotely or at the Y4 Works office in Tampere.

Entrepreneurial Boost is aimed at entrepreneurs who have recently started in Pirkanmaa. Also, check out our entrepreneurship trainings.

Business counseling contents

Entrepreneurial Boost content consists of five different areas:

Articulate the entrepreneur’s plan utilizing the Lean Canvas method. Delve into verbalising and developing the business problem, solution, added value, customer channels, and cash inflows and outflows together with the advisor.

Go through the legal obligations related to setting up a business with an expert. Get things like banking matters, insurance, accounting firm, occupational health, and the outsourcing needed by the entrepreneur in order.

Examine the state and development needs of marketing with an advisor. Learn to clarify your company and product as a cohesive, clear whole. Depending on the type of business, this may mean storification, delving into visuals, or practicing pitching.

Tailor the right sales measures for your company, which will achieve the volumes needed to establish and grow your operations. Grow your business with modern sales tools and effective processes.

Entrepreneurship also involves a set of skills unrelated to the core business. Our expert helps you to adopt a constructive and responsible attitude towards the future. Learn to excel in areas such as being an employer, leadership, networking, and financial management.

Why to choose Y4 Works?


Y4 Works is the largest service provider for the Entrepreneurial Boost. We have already helped over 1,000 new entrepreneurs in Pirkanmaa.


Our experts are experienced professionals in entrepreneurship. Our diverse expertise ensures that you will definitely get help with your questions.


In addition to the Entrepreneurial Boost, you also get many other business services from us. Whether it’s about employment, recruitment, marketing, or business strategy, we help your company develop and grow.

Linnea Luukkanen

Join in

Entrepreneurial Boost is organized in Pirkanmaa. You can use the service if you are interested in entrepreneurship or have been an entrepreneur for less than 12 months. You can be unemployed, employed, a student, or an entrepreneur. You can start the service once you have registered with the TE office as a job-seeking client. Remember to choose Y4 Works.

Get to know our experts

Kare Suppanen

I focus on helping companies in sales and customer acquisition, from the first meeting to closing the deal. We can, for example, create a sales process for the company based on the entrepreneur’s strengths and suitable communication tools.

I help companies clarify the added value and target groups of products and services, choose the right marketing channels and succeed in recruitment.
In the advising, we can focus, for example, on choosing marketing, sales and recruitment methods suitable for you.

Kimmo Rouhiainen

I offer companies support for improving profitability and creating calculations and a product and service portfolio. In the advising, we can discuss what should be sold, when, where and at what price, as well as plan the first pilots and the organization of operations.

I promote companies’ visibility and business growth through digital marketing. We can, for example, plan digital marketing campaigns and analyze company websites.

Jani Talasma

I work with companies on business development and business strategy. In the advising, we can clarify the company’s business plan, plan the goals for the coming years, and review the company’s finances.

Kiira Grönroos

I help new companies to make their business commercial and to recognize the company’s true potential. In the advising, we can, for example, develop ideas to the next level, plan agile pilots and consider funding opportunities.

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