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From us, you get versatile business management consulting. We assist you in developing your business, whether the challenge is in strategy, marketing, internationalisation, or management. In each topic area, consultants act as experts in their field.

Typical structure in our consulting services

1. Initial assessment
2. Consulting
3. Final sparring

We help companies grow through bold consulting. The length of the consultation depends on the needs of your company, the typical duration is 3–10 days. You can also get constant support from our experts to implement your plans on a quarterly basis – we want to support your growth and promote the development of your company. In addition, we offer consulting under certain conditions as subsidized or free advicing services.

Check out our consulting services below. Let’s find together the best solution for developing your company and supporting the growth.

Where can we help?


Strategy and productivity

A starting point for sustainable growth

With a strategy, you create a clear vision for your company and define concrete future goals. It helps you align resources in a cohesive direction, support sustainable growth, and strengthen competitiveness. A properly formulated strategy acts as a map towards the vision.

1. Analysis

A sufficiently deep understanding of your company’s situation and needs allows for the selection of appropriate development steps to reach your company’s potential.

2. Business or growth strategy

A clear direction and action plan are the best tools for a successful company. Together, we build a clear strategy that guides your business towards sustainable growth, deepening of competitive advantages, and market opportunities.

3. Developing productivity

Improving productivity is key to profitable business. We identify bottlenecks and opportunities either in processes or in the company’s finances. We look for ways to make your operations more efficient and save time and resources.

4. Digital strategy

We help your company integrate digital solutions seamlessly into your business. Together, we define your business opportunities, set goals, choose the right technologies, and build a plan that helps you make the most of digital solutions.


Communication and marketing

Reach your customers impactfully

With us, you can build your company’s visibility and create a strong relationship with your customers. We focus on strengthening your brand's competitive advantages, planning effective marketing actions, and boosting sales. Together, we shape your marketing to resonate with your target audience.

1. Brand strategy

Define and strengthen your brand’s core, which sets you apart from your competitors. We help you create a clear and impactful brand identity that convinces your target audience and builds sustainable trust.

2. Marketing plan

Make every marketing action purposeful. Together, we create a clear path that connects your company’s goals and your target audience’s needs into an effective action plan.

3. Sales development

Adapt your sales process to meet today’s demands. We help you identify bottlenecks, optimise sales tactics, and ensure that your team focuses on the right actions and tactics.

4. Brand analysis

Dive deep into the current state of your brand. Our brand analysis reveals how your target audience truly sees you and identifies your brand’s strengths and areas for development.

5. In-house advertising agency

We implement customised campaigns, SEO optimisation, and websites for our partner clients to ensure the jointly defined goals are achieved.


Innovations and internationalisation

Renew and expand your horizons

Creating new things and entering international markets are often key to sustainable growth and success. Whether it’s launching a new product, mapping business models, renewing processes, or expanding to new markets, we help you navigate change, understand cultural and business challenges, and build a strong foundation for your company's international success.

1. Productisation and piloting

We transform ideas into clear, market-ready products or services. Piloting enables trying it in practice, ensuring that you are ready to meet market challenges and fully seize opportunities.

2. Market research

Gain a deep understanding of your markets, target audience, and competitors. We help you identify opportunities, challenges, and trends that affect your business. This allows you to make decisions based on understanding and effectively allocate your resources.

3. IPR strategy

Patents, trademarks, and copyrights are central to protecting your company’s value and competitive advantage. Our IPR strategy helps you identify, manage, and optimise your intangible assets to support your business.

4. Funding applications

Some of your company’s development projects may receive public support. With us, you can identify essential funding instruments and apply for them at low risk to support and enable your development.


HR and leadership

Win together with your team

HR and leadership are the core of your company. Sustainable success requires a committed team and participatory leadership. We focus on ensuring that your company attracts, develops, and retains the best talents in the field and strengthens leadership capabilities at all organizational levels.

1. HR strategy

Define and implement your personnel plan that supports your business goals. We help you understand your current and future needs and ensure that your team develops in the right direction.

2. Workforce acquisition

Ensure that your company attracts the right kind of expertise. We help you build an efficient recruitment process that identifies and attracts the right talent for your company’s needs.

3. Work community development

Develop the dynamics and culture of your work community to support your business’s growth. We offer tools and strategies that promote collaboration, innovation, and employee engagement.

4. Effective management

Good leadership is the engine of change, innovation, and engagement. We develop your and your supervisors’ leadership skills, so you can guide your team towards the vision and goals effectively and inspiringly.

Why to develop together?


Time is limited. With us, you can focus on development work that is tailored, cost-effective, and impactful.


Conduct your development work in a structured manner, accelerated by an external perspective, and achieve meaningful results in a short period.


Create clarity in business operations with experts. You will receive direction and tools for the determined growth of your company.

Time for growth?

The best ideas are born together. Discuss with our experts the challenges where we could help your company move forward.

In the meeting, we can:

  • Map out your company’s development challenges
  • Offer your company options for business growth
  • Determine how you can finance your development projects

Book yourself a 30-minute appointment free of charge.

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