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Start-Up Plus

Advice on sales and marketing for start-up grant entrepreneurs in Uusimaa, free of charge.

Boost your sales and marketing expertise in the Start-Up Plus service

New entrepreneur: do you want to improve your company’s profitability, sales, and marketing?

In the Start-Up Plus service, we advise businesses that have started in Uusimaa on how to streamline their operations and grow through sales and marketing. Start-Up Plus is a service provided by the Uusimaa TE Office, free of charge, intended for companies that have received a start-up money decision or have started their business with unemployment benefits. Participation in the service is recommended within 3 to 6 months of starting the business.

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Interested in growth through effective sales and marketing?

In the Start-Up Plus service, we grow the sales and marketing skills of new entrepreneurs. We start by mapping out your needs, after which we create an individual plan for the following meetings. In face-to-face or remote meetings, you will get sparring to develop your sales and marketing expertise, and based on the meetings, we will compile a development plan for your company. In addition, you can deepen your expertise in follow-up meetings. The service is avialable in English, Finnish, Swedish and Russian.

Our goal is that after the service, your company has the necessary knowledge and skills for business, sales, and marketing expertise, as well as the prerequisites for growth.

You’ll learn to create a target group-based marketing plan, utilise various channels and digital marketing, as well as get to know marketing metrics.

You create growth with the fundamentals of sales (interaction, argumentation, and closing). By managing sales efficiently you make sales profitable.

You will adopt the basics of productisation, service design, pricing, and testing. You will also learn to utilise feedback

You will become familiar with building a clear customer journey, the (new) customer’s buying process, and customer relationship management, which help you create long-lasting customer relationships.

You will learn to set clear and relevant goals and metrics to support growth. Planning and goal orientation are prerequisites for growth.

Business counseling contents

The Start-Up Plus service is divided into five content modules. The time spent on the modules will be tailored according to your needs.

Service structure

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Initial assessment

After registration, we will schedule a time for the initial assessment, where we will map out your needs and wishes related to the service. We plan individual counseling for your company that addresses your current challenges in sales and marketing. In addition to counseling, you will have the opportunity to participate in four follow-up meetings according to your needs.

Counseling session

Together, we create a tailored and individual package from the service content modules. The counseling includes, for instance, learning to execute result-driven sales and marketing, along with the fundamentals of lucrative business operations. Based on the counseling, a written development plan is prepared, which includes, among other things, an analysis of the company’s current situation and development targets, a plan for the next development steps, and action recommendations to promote growth.

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Follow-up meeting

If you need further counseling on the service themes, we can deepen your expertise in customised follow-up meetings. The goal of the meetings is to support the implementation of the development plan. We ensure that your company receives the assistance it needs from the service and help identify further paths for your company’s development needs.

Sign up

Apply for the Start-Up Plus service on the TE Office’s website. You can register for the service when you want to develop your company’s sales and marketing expertise, your company has received a start-up money decision, your company was established 3-6 months ago, and your company is located in the Uusimaa region. Remember to choose Y4 Works as the provider.

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Three reasons to choose us


Our extensive background in entrepreneurship training and growth consulting enables us to provide high-quality service for first-time solo entrepreneurs as well as ambitious start-up ventures. We have already helped over 10,000 businesses to grow and trained more than 1,800 participants in entrepreneurship trainings. We consult many companies specifically on sales and marketing themes.


Our goal is to create a comprehensive understanding to support your company’s growth, especially through sales and marketing. We map out the support needs individually, and our service can be tailored to your needs. By combining your company’s situation and AI-based market data, we find the just the right solutions to support your growth.


In addition to the development plan, you will also gain access to an extensive electronic material bank. The materials support the service’s themes, deepen your expertise, and provide information that allows your company to start taking concrete steps to promote growth. We are available during and after the service via phone and email.

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